A three-part series on how data and technology can counter criminal banking activity

Michael Nolan, Chief Imagineer of Wellington Consulting Group, hosted a session at the 2021 Payments Canada SUMMIT, discussing the topic of “Data fabric, knowledge graph and blockchain: fighting AML, fraud and human trafficking in the digital era.” Thanks to the expert panelists for their insights: 

  • Garima Chaudhary, Head, Solution Consulting Financial Crime & Compliance Management, Americas, Oracle
  • Stuart Davis, EVP, Financial Crimes Risk Management, Group Chief AML Officer, Scotiabank
  • Jeffrey Stein, Founder & CEO, Deep Discovery

Our three-part blog series was inspired by this important discussion of how to use advanced technologies with banking data to identify and counter criminal activity, including money laundering and human trafficking. 

  1. Part 1: KYC: Know Your Customer or Know Your Criminals?
    How Data, Graphs and Data Fabric Uncover Criminal Banking Activity
  2. Part 2: The Role of Banking Data in Combating Human Trafficking
    Identifying patterns within banking data to reveal criminal activity
  3. Part 3: Yes, Banks, You Can Share Data AND Fight Crime
    Detecting suspicious activity is faster, more efficient and more accurate when financial institutions share data

For more information, view the panel recording and contact the Wellington team.